• PhotoBoxee automated product photography

    Instant professional

    Product photos

    Fastest and cheapest way
    to do product photography
    at scale


    photo cropping

    image enhancement

    data upload

  • PhotoBoxee product photography on scale

    Easy to use

    No skills,

    no training


    Anyone can do it!

  • PhotoBoxee mass product photography

    Automated software

    does all the work for you


    Automatic image cropping and enhancement


    Synchronization with your e-shop


    Customizable product categorization

You can shoot a whole product gallery
in just 40 seconds.

Check out how
Time saving
It only takes 40 seconds to shoot a 4 photo gallery of a single product with PhotoBoxee.
Money Saving
No need for a professional photographer and expensive photo studio.
Easy to use
Anyone can do it.
It's made for average Joe.
No training required.
The photos are automatically paired with your product database using scanned EAN code.
PhotoBoxee automated product photography
Who is it for?
It's for anyone who is processing a lot of products which needs to be photo-documented and categorized. It's well suited for warehouse use and rough conditions. It's made as simple as possible to ensure that anyone can use it without training.
How does it work?
Scan the product code, place the product inside and hit spacebar. That's it. No need to adjust the lights, expousure or the camera position. Photos are automatically cropped and enhanced right after they're captured and the final photo is displayed on the screen.
Product categorization?
You can define a set of parameters that will be displayed on screen and prompted to an operator with each product. It can be anything like product category, color, size etc.

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